I teach seasons ever year.  Emphasizing that when one season begins, the other has to end.  Seasons can’t coincide.

The old saying that friendships are like seasons has never rang more true than right now — this very moment — for me.

Boyz II Men were right, it is hard to say goodbye to yesterday.  But saying goodbye is what I need to do because I’m ready for my new season to start.  I should have said goodbye to this season a long time ago.   I held on to it for too long.

It’s like I wanted it to stay winter, even though spring is better and right around the corner.

So this is my goodbye to winter.   I won’t say goodbye, without saying thank you for what you gave me.   You were what I needed, when I needed you — back then. But, I don’t want to hold on to you anymore.  I’ve outgrown you, winter.  Just like you may have outgrown me.  I was too loyal to let go.  But my growth as a person outweighs my loyalty.

I’m ready for spring now, and the adventure that awaits for me there.


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