I Don’t Believe in Soulmates, either!

I am going to direct you to a blog that someone wrote which I felt was SPOT on to how I’ve lived my life concerning marriage and finding “the one” and where I am NOW and how I feel about those issues.   I so appreciate Hannah, wherever and whoever she is, because she says what I couldn’t accurately or effectively write out myself.   So please go read her blog post about soulmates.  It is fantastic, to say the least.   And I want to be her friend just because of it.



One thought on “I Don’t Believe in Soulmates, either!

  1. Hey! I love your writing style! You’re hilarious! I also enjoyed Hannah’s post. I thought she had valid points, but I was encouraged to think about it in another angle too. Maybe you would be interested in reading my response to her post: http://wp.me/1D08i.

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