10 Questions

Host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” James Lipton, always asks his guests the same 10 questions.  Recently, while remembering Cory Monteith’s visit he mentioned that when he asked him the question about what God would say when he got to heaven and Cory’s cryptic response was “Uh, sorry I haven’t been around. There’s a good explanation.'”

It broke my heart to read that.  To think someone has lived his life thinking that God hasn’t been there.  And no one was there to tell him otherwise.   And now, he’s dead at 31 and he’s left a family and a girlfriend with a grief that nothing but God can fill.   It made me sad.  Then I started wondering what I hoped God would say to me when I get to heaven.   I tried to come up with these profound statements and yet the only thing I could come up with was, “You’ve made it.  You’re okay now.”

What will God say to YOU when you arrive in heaven?


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