Lessons Lucy Has Taught Me

I Love Lucy.

What I mean is, I love I Love Lucy.  It’s been one of my favorite shows for so long. I even own the complete series on dvd.  I literally LOVE it.  I don’t know what it is, maybe because it’s a classic and it’s STILL funny even today.  It’s just a good ole, reliable, non-raunchy show that I can watch.  You bet I want my kids to watch it, too.

But, the woman in me tends to get offended when I watch it, too.

Mind you, I am not Gloria Steinem or anything.  I’m not this feminist that goes around burning bras and standing up for women’s rights.   But it’s amazing how backwards life and different the world  was when Lucy was on tv.


One example, Lucy was given an “allowance” from Ricky as spending money.  Can you imagine? Yes, those were the times.  But can you imagine that now?

Or, when she was pregnant with her baby, there’s an episode where she has a shower thrown for her.  Ricky was feeling “ignored” because she didn’t have time to cook him lunch or dinner because she was so busy with the shower. Then, she didn’t pick up his dry cleaning (mind you, the woman is pregnant!).  So he starts feeling sympathy pains and she has to figure out how to make him feel more important.

These are just a couple of examples out of hundreds of episodes, but the sad part of it is that there are people who live in 2013 that STILL operate this way.  I can name a few Indian men I know that treat their wives like this.

This all just goes right back to my previous post — the confidence of a man.   That whole archaic idea of a woman “knowing her place” still exists but in a new way now.   Nowadays we’re being told what we’re supposed to with our body.  Yes, we can work, but we still don’t make the same amount (or more) than men in our same positions.

Women can have the 9-5 job, raking in 40 hours a week, but they also have to be a chef in the kitchen, a maid for the house, and a pornstar in the bedroom. All because it’s our “place”….this “role” that has been thrust upon us.  A few months ago, a pastor’s wife was speaking to the congregation (that I was a part of) and was talking to us about how to be a good wife (for lack of better words, “keep our man happy”).  She suggested, and I’m not even kidding, that even if YOU (the woman) are tired, you should still be intimate with your husband if he’s wanting it.   Essentially she was saying, it doesn’t matter how YOU feel, lady, if your husband wants it, give it to him because that’s what a dutiful wife does.  Needless to say I was stunned.   What are you telling women??   That it’s not okay to be tired?   That it’s not okay to say NO if you are physically exhausted?   That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!

Although, I appreciate how much progress women’s movements have made in 60 years, there is still so much work to do.  I can only hope that for my daughter(s), they will be able to truly stand on their own.

(Blogger’s Note: Lucille Ball, the woman, was a trail blazer in her own right.  I am only referring to the premise of the show and the lives of its characters). 


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