Stedman, Stedman, Wherefore Art Thou, Stedman?

I need Stedman Graham.

Ok, wait, maybe that sounds really bad. Let me rephrase. oprah-and-stedman

I need to find a man who is LIKE Stedman Graham.

If you live under a rock and don’t know who I’m talking about, I am referring to Oprah Winfrey’s long-time partner in life. He’s a successful educator, author, speaker, and businessman.  You would think someone with the power of Oprah would have a difficult time finding a man.

The reality is that a typical man would find it very intimidating to be with a woman who is more successful and more famous than he is.  It’s pretty much a sure thing that Oprah brings in lots more money than Stedman does.   For a typical guy, being with a woman like that would question his manhood.

But here’s the thing….I do not want a typical guy.  I want a Stedman.

Stedman is confident in himself and secure in who he is as a man, that he doesn’t feel threatened by Oprah’s success. They both support each other and encourage each other to blaze their own trail and  since they’re successful on their own, they are able to succeed together as a couple.

And I know that lots of guys reading this will say that I’m wrong and that they’re confident enough in themselves to be with a woman who is more successful. But I have yet to find that guy.  Especially in the Indian community.  I have yet to find one (married OR single) that resembles someone like Stedman.   I’m sure all the wives reading this will probably say otherwise.  But unless you’re doing your own thing without your husband’s name somewhere in there, you don’t have room to talk.

Apparently all the Stedmans are taken.

And I have to say, I admire the relationship.  The idea of committing the rest of my life to a man, who may or may not be like Stedman, scares the poo outta me.  I’d rather be in a “long-term” relationship than date a guy, get married, and find out later on that he really isn’t secure enough to let me fulfill the dreams that I have.

I don’t have dreams to be the next Oprah, but I do have big dreams — dreams that may make any typical guy think I’m loony tune.

And unless I find myself a Stedman, this gal may be S.T.R (single til rapture).


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