Khaled Hosseini, _And the Mountains Echoed_

An excerpt from this AMAZING book that I just finished.  I’ve never read a novel where I highlighted lines and had to stop because of something written that took my breath away.  Beautiful story.  Beautifully written.   This is from a character named Pari who never left home, to take care of her parents, and how her parents’ fear of letting her go stifled her.   I related so much to Pari and read and RE-read this part because I felt like she was me.

“…how afraid I am to be free despite my frequent desire for it. Afraid of what will happen to me, what I will do with myself…All my life, I have lived like an aquarium fish in the safety of a glass tank, behind a barrier as impenetrable as it has been transparent. I have been free to observe the glimmering world on the other side, to picture myself in it, if I like. …. I think I have grown accustomed to the glass and am terrified that when it breaks, when I am alone, I will spill out into the wide open unknown and flop around, helpless, lost, gasping for breath.” — Khaled Hosseini, _And the Mountains Echoed_


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